Finding Your Perfect Fit: Quick Guide

Ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit is key. Follow these steps to select the ideal size using our American size chart:

  1. Measure Yourself: Use a measuring tape to check your chest, waist, and hips measurements.

  2. Consult the Chart: Below, you’ll find our American size chart. Compare your measurements to find your corresponding size.

  3. Consider Fit: Different styles may offer slim or regular fits. Check the product description for fit details.

  4. In-Between Sizes: If you fall between sizes, choose based on your preference for snug or relaxed fit.

  5. Model Stats: Check the model’s height and size in the product description for an idea of how it may look on you.

  6. Read Reviews: Find sizing feedback in product reviews to make an informed choice.

  7. Need Help? Contact our customer service for personalized sizing assistance.

  8. Remember: Your well-fitted garment awaits. Use the size chart and steps above to make the right choice. Happy shopping!

Men’s Size Guide

Ladies Size Guide

Take measurements of your chest by passing the tape just below the armpits. The tape must be not tensed.
Measures your shoulders from side to side.
Measure your hips.
Measure the sleeve length, the distance between the seam on the shoulder and the point at which the sleeve ends. If you bend your arm you pass the meter behind the elbow to the wrist.
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