Civil war Uniforms

Civil War Uniforms were worn by soldiers during a big war that happened in the United States a long time ago. These uniforms are made of strong fabric, like wool or cotton, to withstand the harsh conditions of battle. The color of the uniforms varied, but they were often blue for the Union soldiers and gray for the Confederate soldiers. Each uniform had special symbols and colors to show which side the soldier was fighting for. These uniforms are now a part of history, reminding us of the brave men who fought in the Civil War to protect their beliefs and way of life.

During the 19th century, men fighting in the Civil War wore distinctive uniforms representing their allegiance. Confederate soldiers donned grey wool coats, while Union soldiers wore navy blue jackets. These iconic outfits, such as the Union Civil War Shell Jacket and the Confederate Grey Wool Coat, are replicas of the attire worn during this historic conflict. Made with sturdy wool material, they faithfully replicate the uniforms worn by soldiers in the mid-1800s. Whether you’re interested in the iconic Artillery Uniform or the historic Confederate attire, these jackets offer a glimpse into the past.

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